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About Us

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Soul Remedy Wellness is a unique place for whole-person health and wellness in California. We are a committed team of holistic health professionals who work together to provide quality, cohesive, care for the mind, body, and spirit.

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Christina is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Energy Practitioner, Transformation Coach, and founder of Soul Remedy Wellness. She specializes in working with people who are struggling with anxiety, depression, life transitions, heart break, and trauma. Christina supports you to trust the innate wisdom of your body and mind to overcome blocks that are preventing you from feeling good and living the life you want. 

She takes time to prioritize your wellbeing in mind, body, spirit, and help you develop skills to overcome anxiety, stress, and depression. She guides you to better understand the connection between thought patterns, past experiences, emotions, and behaviors that may be creating difficulties in your life and impacting your health and well-being. 

It is her calling to help others to gain insight and the necessary tools to heal themselves.

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Cristine Rainer, AMFT

I specialize in working with children, teens, and families who are struggling with problem behaviors, school, and learning challenges. 

I enjoy helping people of all ages to understand themselves and others, to grow to see their unique potential, find their voice, and increase their well-being and skills to cope with difficult emotions and experiences. My goal is not just to help people to ease emotional suffering, but to learn to thrive. 

My style is to explore all sides of a topic with my clients. I rarely give directive advice because I respect and value the freedom of choice each person has on their journey. I provide education throughout my sessions and adapt my support and techniques to the needs of the individual and their goals. I view the therapeutic process as a co-creation and adapt sessions to the desires and needs of my clients. 

Many person-centered therapists are considered “nod and smile” therapists, but with me you will receive unconditional positive regard with an interactive, problem-solving, growth-minded approach. I personally believe that tactful confrontation and encouragement is a necessary part of behavior change and without those reflections of self, change and growth may be slow. Appropriate therapeutic intervention is a measured balance of compassion and reflection.

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Our ethos

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Our business is built on that four-letter word- LOVE! Our hearts and souls go into every aspect of our work. We are people people, dreamers, problem solvers, risk takers, get it done kind of people with huge hearts that have been through some real-life struggles ourselves. We understand the struggle is real and we are here to walk with you on your journey by leading with love.


We believe hope is the catalyst to change. It is hope that allows light into our tiny cracks, shakes our souls, and move us forward.


We believe in ensuring you take your power back and you own it! There is no stronger force than owning your own power


We are committed to offering a safe and inclusive environment for people of all abilities, religions, sexual orientations, countries of origin, races and genders. We understand and take seriously our obligation as community providers to pursue social change with and on behalf of vulnerable and oppressed groups of people. We actively work to increase our understanding and create change of the systems that contribute to oppression-based trauma.


We believe that you are a already whole and complete just as you are, and you are meant to be here despite the challenges you are facing. We are committed to helping you uncover, enhance, transform and use your unique gifts, so that you can not only feel better, but change your life and live in the true alignment of who you are.


We believe we are all connected. So, when we rise, you rise and vice-a-versa. Our overall mission is to help humanity elevate by healing, connecting, and empowering. We rise together!


We believe light shines in all directions. If we can positively impact you, you will in return positively impact others around you. We are also committed to making an impact on the world through various avenues, including supporting causes that help others in meaningful ways.

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