Mental Health Therapy

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Mental Health Therapy

SRW’s Mental Health team is a group of dedicated, trauma informed therapists who use a variety of evidence-based practices to help you feel better and overcome challenges in your mental health and life. We offer online and in-person therapy.

Caring for your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Since the two are connected it makes it that much more important for your health and overall wellbeing. Using a holistic and collaborative approach our providers offer a unique experience in therapy. Sessions can include talk therapy with a blend of evidence-based practices, mind-body techniques, mindfulness, and other beneficial modalities to help you.

Our team of therapists are all trauma-informed, which means they are trained to handle trauma and will guide you with compassion, patience, and dignity to make your own decisions on what is best for you and provide necessary skills to feel better. With the support of the therapist, therapy can begin working to help reduce symptoms in as soon as a few sessions.

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